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AI Photo Editor

AI Photo Editing for Anyone & Everyone!

Transform photos with AI photo editor that can do it all! Enter a text prompt to describe what you want to do with your image! Use the AI Photo editor tool to remove background, or go one step ahead and to change the art medium! Change night to day or day to night, and much more! We’ve got you covered!


How it Works?

How does Phot.AI’s AI photo editor work?

Our AI photo editor is free and easy to use for everyone. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert,you can create amazing images with our AI picture editor tool. All you have to do is write down what you want, and the AI will do the rest. It's that simple! 

Original image


Turn into day


Add birds in the sky


Change to mountain area


Turn it into a painting

Don't settle for ordinary images. Upgrade to Phot.AI's photo editor and bring your creative vision to life!


The Phot.AI API allows you to integrate best-in-class AI to your apps in minutes.

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Use cases

Increase customer engagement online with stunning, professional grade visuals created with our AI photo editor. Whether it’s your ecommerce listing or your website, since you can do it yourself, our AI Photo editor saves you loads of money and time by eliminating dependence on designers or agencies!

Original image


place on a rocky surface


show smoke emanating from the watch


show surrounded with a splash of water droplets


Unlock the Power of AI with Phot.AI's Photo Editor


Enhance customer experience and increase sales by improving the visual appeal of your product images online. Phot.AI's AI photo editor puts the power of photo editing in your hands. Can experiment as you like, at the speed at which you want. Reduce dependence on graphic designers for routine edits or experiments, and save thousands of dollars and hours of time which you can invest on other critical business areas!.


Uncover what sticks with your audience base on social media. Experiment with changing backgrounds, modifying the medium, add elements that enhance your images using our AI photo editor. You can even repost your image, in a completely refreshed Avatar, thanks to Phot.AI’s AI photo editor!

Add two cows in the field, in the foreground.


Original Image

Add two cows in the field, in the foreground.


As a business owner, you need catalogues, brochures, print ads and many other assets to promote your business. Phot.AI’s AI photo editor allows you to do this yourself, without depending on external agencies or expensive designers for everyday requirements. All you need to do is write what you want to change. No technical expertise required of photo editing tool.


Whether you’re just revisiting your happy memories, or planning to send those photos out to friends and family, add your own unique touch and create more excitement! Couple photos can look more romantic if you change them to sepia or black & white. Birthday pictures look great when you add more colors to them. Upload, enter the instructions and Voila!

More limitless possibilities of Phot.AI's photo editor with prompts!

  • unmatched-speed

    Unmatched Speed

    Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of manual image creation and experience lightning-fast results with Phot.AI.

  • perfection

    Customizable to Perfection

    No matter your creative vision, our photo editor can bring it to life. Ask it to create a variety of styles, from 3D to illustration, to find the perfect match for your project.

  • unlimited

    Effortless Ease of Use

    With a user-friendly interface and clear prompts, even those with limited technical expertise can achieve professional-looking results.

  • ease-of-use

    Unlimited Possibilities

    Create as many images as you need with our AI photo editor – the possibilities are truly endless.

  • cost-effective

    Cost-Effective Solution

    Save time and resources with Phot.AI's photo editor – the perfect solution for businesses and individuals alike.


  I was blown away by the results from the Phot.AI’s AI photo editor. It's like having a professional photo editor in your pocket! The AI technology made my photos look so much better and it saved me a lot of time. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance their photos.
Zachary, online merchant

—  Zachary, online merchant

  I'm so impressed with the Phot.AI’s AI background replacer. It saves me so much time and the results are amazing! I used to spend hours trying to replace backgrounds manually, but now I can do it in just a few clicks. The AI technology is truly remarkable and I'm very happy with my purchase.
Sam’s Hardware.

—  Sam’s Hardware.

  The Phot.AI’s AI object replacer is a game-changer. It makes editing so much easier and the results are unbelievable! I was able to replace objects seamlessly and it saved me so much time. I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone who works with images
Emily Chen - digital creator

—  Emily Chen - digital creator

  I never knew replacing backgrounds could be so easy. The Phot.AI’s AI background replacer is a lifesaver! It saved me so much time and effort, and the results were better than I could have ever done manually. I'm very impressed and would definitely recommend it.
Jason Thomas, photojournalist

—  Jason Thomas, photojournalist

  I never knew photo editing could be so easy and fun until I tried Phot.AI's AI photo editor. With just a few clicks, my photos looked stunning and professional. It's a game-changer for anyone who wants to enhance their photos. I highly recommend it to everyone looking to take their photos to the next level.
Andrew Kim

—  Andrew Kim

  I'm amazed at how seamless the Phot.AI’s AI object replacer works. It's a must-have for anyone who works with images! I was able to replace objects in just a few clicks and the results were very realistic. I'm very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend it.
Joe , photographer

—  Joe , photographer

  • What is AI photo editing?

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    AI photo editing is an innovative way of editing photos wherein the user can edit the uploaded photo by giving text instructions. There is no need for using a complex studio or UI, all the user needs to do is upload the image, give the instructions in text and the described edits will be done!

    Let’s explain with an example - Suppose you have a simple image of a brunette woman sitting on a chair. You can perform a variety of edits to this photo by entering different text instructions using Phot.AI’s AI photo editor. For example -

    1. Change the woman’s hair to blonde.
    2. Change the woman’s white shirt to red.
    3. Make the woman wear a cardigan.
    4. Change the woman to a man.
    5. Change the woman’s arm into a prosthetic limb.

    These text instructions will be surgically applied to the image while maintaining the rest of the image like the original. The generated output will be in the form of a perfect result with minimal imperfections in applying the prescribed imperfections.

  • How does AI photo editing work?

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    Phot.AI’s photo editor works as follows -

    1. It first encodes the image into the AI model
    2. It then understands the text instruction given by the user, via it’s trained language model
    3. Phot.AI then uses this combination of text to image generation and image to image generation capabilities as guidance to generate an image that fits the user’s requirements.
  • How do I change daytime to nighttime in an image using Phot.AI’s AI photo editor?

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    Phot.AI’s AI photo editor allows you to change the time of the day in your images with the click of a button. Instead of using complicated tools like photoshop, with Phot.AI all you need to do is upload the image and enter the right text instruction. For examples - ‘change to night’ or ‘make it look like night’. These are just 2 examples of the variety of text instructions you can give to change the time of day in your image.

  • How do I change the color of an object in the image using the AI Photo editor?

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    You can easily change the color of any object within your, without the need to even manually select the object. Here’s how you can do this -

    1. Upload the image to Phot.AI’s AI photo editor
    2. Input the appropriate text instruction - eg, ‘change the girl’s t-shirt’ to red or ‘change the bag’s color to violet’ and click generate
    3. Phot.AI’s AI photo editor will generate your image after applying the text instructions given by the user.
  • Can I change a male to female in the image using AI Photo editor?

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    Such editing can take an extreme amount of effort if done using traditional photo editing tools like Photoshop. But with Phot.AI’s AI photo editor, this can be done very easily, while preserving the original aesthetics of the image!

    Here’s how you can do this -

    1. Upload the image to Phot.AI’s AI photo editor
    2. Input the appropriate text instruction - eg, ‘change the boy to a girl’ to red or ‘change the man to a woman’ and click generate
    3. Phot.AI’s AI photo editor will generate your image after applying the text instructions given by the user.
  • Can I create my image in the style of famous artists like Van Gogh?

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    Phot.AI’s AI photo editor can even change art mediums & styles. For example, you can upload your desired image or photo and give a text instruction to - ‘produce in the style of van gogh’s starry night’ or ‘transform image to a pencil sketch’