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You’ll need transparent background images for your online store, brick & mortar business, marketing agency, or just for fun! With Phot.AI’s image background remover, do this in seconds, at the tap of a button

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Use cases

How Phot.AI’s picture background remover simplifies your everyday hustle!


Create eye popping product visuals for your online store or marketing assets

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The Phot.AI API allows you to integrate best-in-class AI to your apps in minutes.


A peek into how Phot.AI's image background remover does the job for you

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Image pre-processing

Resizing, adjusting color balance & normalising pixel values for the uploaded image before it starts to remove bg from image.

Images that create impact!
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Our free background remover wears many hats! It’s your go to tool for e-commerce images, cleaning up professional photography, creating beautiful social media posts or cleanup images for marketing businesses like real estate, car dealerships, and much more!

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High converting product images for ecommerce



  I create professional looking product images for my business at the click of a button using this tool! Saves me a lot of time as im constantly looking for ways to increase sales!
Marcus - Business owner

—  Marcus - Business owner

  Automated background removal with Phot.AI saves me so much time and effort. I can invest that time to focus on other important areas of my designs such as typography and layout.
Erica - Graphic designer

—  Erica - Graphic designer

  Achieving the perfect composition is much cheaper and faster with Phot.AI. Such quality of results would be impossible to achieve manually!
Ajit - Photographer

—  Ajit - Photographer

  I’ve stopped buying expensive photo editing software for simple tasks like remove background online. Phot.AI is an unbelievable tool for me to create content that stands out on my Instagram
Rene - Digital Creator

—  Rene - Digital Creator

  • How to remove background from image for free without Photoshop?

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    There’s no need to invest in expensive photo editing software. Simply use Phot.AI’s tool to remove background from image for free in 3 simple steps -

    1. Upload the image you want to edit.
    2. Click the remove background button.
    3. Download the output or regenerate if you don’t like the results.
  • How to create transparent background online for complex images?

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    Photo.AI’s cutting edge object detection and segmentation algorithms are capable of recognising what each pixel contains. This allows it to easily create transparent backgrounds no matter how complex and object rich your images are.

  • Can I use Phot.AI’s background remover online for creating e-commerce photos?

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    Yes absolutely! One of the secrets behind a successful ecommerce business is how well perceived your product is on your online store and product images are the detrimental factor. Phot.AI allows you to remove all distracting elements from the background and create eye popping product visuals

  • How long does it take to remove the background from an image using the tool?

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    Phot.AI’s transparent background maker gives you results in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is upload the image to the transparent background maker and click generate. The entire image processing takes a few seconds and your results are delivered instantly.

  • Is there a limit to the number of images I can process using the tool?

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    You can generate an unlimited number of transparent background images using Phot.AI if the resolution is up to 512 x 512. For higher resolution images and bulk editing we have extremely affordable premium plans with a wide range of flexible durations.

  • Will the tool remove the background from all objects in an image, or just the main object?

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    Photo.AI’s cutting edge object detection and segmentation algorithms are capable of recognising what each pixel contains. This allows it to clearly identify all the objects that are to be maintained in the foreground and retaining them while it cuts out background from the image

  • How does the tool handle fine details, such as hair or fur?

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    The object detection and image segmentation algorithms identify the elements in each pixel. Thanks to extensively trained image processing, Phot.AI’s free background removal online, is able to mask extremely accurately the pixels that belong to the object, be it hair or fur.

  • What file formats does the tool support for uploading images?

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    Phot.AI supports a wide variety of image formats. It can be used to remove background from jpg images, png files, webp format, tiff format and many more