How to Fix Lighting in a Photo

Get flawless lighting and contrast for all your pictures with Phot.AI's lighting tool. We provide you with the perfect blend of lighting that your pictures need to stand out!

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Table of Content

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Exposure in an image: Underexposure and Overexposure
  3. 3. What is Relighting in Photography?
  4. 4. How do you use the Fix Lighting feature?
  5. 5. Where can we use the Fix Lighting feature?
  6. 6. Benefits of Phot.AI's Fix Lighting feature
  7. 7. Conclusion


Photos hold our perfect moments for a lifetime. Therefore, we always want our pictures to be the best. But sometimes the lighting just does not go along.

The quality of light matters the most when it comes to photography. Bad lighting in an image can occur due to a variety of factors. Hence, Phot.AI has launched a Relight Photo feature that enables you to quickly fix the bad lighting in your pictures.

Phot.AI's Fix Lighting feature helps you achieve the perfect lighting and contrast in your images with just a click. Give your dull pictures an outstanding look instantly with Phot.AI!

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Exposure of an image: Underexposure and Overexposure

People involved in photography must know the exposure of an image. Exposure is the amount of light that passes through the camera sensor. It is due to exposure that a photo becomes light or dark.

In simple terms, we can say that exposure can change the overall look of your pictures. There are two types of exposure.

Underexposure: This is the condition in which your image appears to be darker than expected. Underexposure happens when your camera sensor does not get the perfect amount of light for clicking an image. Photos in this condition are dark and gloomy.

Overexposure: Overexposure is an image-lighting condition that occurs when your camera sensor receives too much light. Overexposed images often appear very grainy. Also, there is a fake glow in such pictures.

What is Relighting in Photography?

You must be wondering what is relighting. Let us help you understand it.

Photo relighting is a method used to adjust or modify lighting in an image to get a satisfactory picture. Lighting is a key factor in getting a perfect click. Therefore, image relighting has become essential in today's world.

Phot.AI's latest Fix Lighting feature enables you to replicate lighting conditions as per your preferences. Our AI-algorithm-based image relighting tool enhances lighting in your pictures 100% automatically.

How do you use the Fix Lighting feature?

Phot.AI's exclusive Fix Lighting tool enables you to enhance lighting in your images easily and instantly. Our tool can help you quickly turn your dull images into amazing ones.

Our AI Fix Lighting tool is easy to use. All you need to do is:

  • 1. Go to your web browser.
  • 2. Visit Phot.AI's official website.
  • 3. Create an account or sign up.

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  • 4. Go to Fix Lighting.
  • 5. Now, choose the image that you are willing to relight.
  • 6. Wait for the tool to fix all your lighting issues automatically.
  • 7. Once it is done, save and download the image to your device folder.

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Where can we use Phot.AI's Fix Lighting feature?

Do you know the best thing about Phot.AI? Our Fix Lighting feature can be applied to different types of pictures, giving them an extraordinary, customized glow. Here at Phot.AI, we focus on helping our users express their vision and make it trend.

E-commerce: Lighting is essential for product display. Your products are likely to attract a larger audience only when the pictures are attractive. Phot.AI's Fix Lighting tool is here to give your product images the perfect glow with just a single click.

Pets and animals: Want some great pictures of your pet? Or, are you willing to become a wildlife photographer? If yes, then Phot.AI would be your go-to solution for enhancing the lighting to give all your shots an instant modified look within a few seconds.

Professional photography: You got some perfect clicks from your models, but the pictures still look dull. Don't worry! Phot.AI has got you covered. Give these underexposed pictures a desired glow with our relight photo tool. You will be amazed at the results.

Benefits of Phot.AI's Fix Lighting feature

Various advantages come along with our image-relighting tool. Let us share some of its major benefits.

Amazing speed

Our editing tools are AI-based, which helps you enhance lighting in a photo instantly. With Phot.AI, you will see amazing outcomes within seconds of uploading your picture. And the best part? No human effort is required!

Automatic adjustment levels

Phot.AI's exclusive Fix Lighting tool comes with advanced AI technology, which enables it to evaluate and correct the lighting of an image automatically. It will automatically apply suitable lighting adjustments to give your image the best possible look.

Object detection

Our editing tools have computerized object detection techniques to easily recognize objects in a picture. It can easily detect all the special features of an object.

Various enhancing effects

Our relighting feature can make a picture look more attractive, natural, and professional. Phot.AI provides this amazing photo relighting feature can prove to be your best choice to fix all your imperfect lighting photos.


Relighting is the easiest option to give your dull images an instant glow. Phot.AI's Fix Lighting tool can be your secret to images with the perfect blend of lighting and contrast. With Phot.AI, get the magical glow in all your images with just a click.

Good lighting is a key element in your perfect shots. Phot.AI allows you to easily add that key element without much human effort. Isn't it your perfect photo editing tool?

In this blog, we have shared with you how to enhance or fix the lighting in all your dull pictures to give them the desired glow. Go try out relighting photos with Phot.AI today! We bet you will fall in love with it.

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