How to Revert Cropped Image to Original Image

Restore your cropped image to its original form instantly using Phot.AI’s exclusive AI Image Extender.

How to Revert Cropped Image to Original Image cover

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Cropped an image but regretted it later? Now, you are in a situation where you need to restore your original image, but you have no idea how to do it. No worries, because Phot.AI’s Image Extender enables you to uncrop images, giving them the best possible look within a few seconds.


In most cases where you need to get back an original image, it completely depends on a lot of factors within the photo editing application that you have used. Also, every time, it is not possible for you to uncrop the image or get your original image back as it was. Phot.AI’s Image Extender plays a major role in such cases. This AI Image Extender comes with highly advanced AI technology that detects the requirements of an image and uncrops it perfectly, restoring it to its original state.

Now, you do not require a complicated image editing tool or a professional photo editor to help you uncrop your images. Phot.AI’s Image Extender enables you to do it from the comfort of your home with just one click.

What is an AI Image Extender?

Do you know that now you can uncrop your cropped images with even better quality and detailing? Yes, now it is possible with Phot.AI’s exclusive AI Image Extender. We enable you to restore original images from cropped ones, giving them a more enhanced look.

Expand pictures with just a magic wave when you are a Phot.AI user. Our AI Image Extender is an AI-implemented tool that has the ability to intelligently uncrop images by adding extra-enhancing elements without compromising the original elements or quality. Getting back the original images from cropped ones using our AI Image Extender is always your best choice because we prioritize maintaining the original image quality. Our AI Image Extender adds new elements in such a manner that they perfectly blend with the original ones.

Dive into an Ocean of Possibilities with Phot.AI’s Image Extender. Our AI Photo Extender uses an advanced AI algorithm to easily figure out the original elements of a cropped image and uncrop it, keeping the original look but making it look more enhanced.

Getting back the original image but in a better way

Phot.AI enables you to refine your images flawlessly with extra care. We make sure that every picture that you upload at our AI Image Extender is extended perfectly to provide you with the ultimate satisfaction. Our image-expanding tool uncrops an image to bring it back to its original form with improved visuals. Instantly receive the original image that fits into your vision like a perfect puzzle piece.

There are countless reasons why you might need to get back the original images from the cropped ones. Sometimes, when you delete the original copies, there is no way to get those original images back. Many users have no idea how to restore the original image that they have deleted permanently. Here, Phot.AI’s Image Extender plays a big part. We bring you this excellent feature of uncropping photos, giving them the original form that looks way better than the actual image.

We have discussed so much about uncropping an image to its original form that you must be eager to know how to do it. Let us put an end to your curiosity and take you there!

How do you revert a cropped image to the original image?

Phot.AI is here to make image editing quick and hassle-free. Nobody likes to opt for a complicated procedure, and we understand that. All our image-editing tools are user-friendly, and anyone can easily access them.

Follow the instructions given below to uncrop an image and get it back to its original form with Phot.AI’s Image Extender.

  • 1. Go to your web browser.
  • 2. Head to Phot.AI’s official website. website interface.png
  • 3. Now, go to the AI Image Extender tool.
  • 4. You need to create an account or sign up.
  • 5. Choose the image that you want to uncrop and give back its original form.
  • 6. The Image Extender will ask you to select an image aspect ratio for expanding the image.
  • 7. Wait for a few seconds while the photo extender performs the action.
  • 8. It will generate the uncropped image within a while.
  • 9. Save the uncropped image to your device folder. website interface-1.png

What are the advantages of using Phot.AI’s Image Extender?

The introduction of AI technology has enriched our day-to-day lives in a lot more ways than we could have imagined. The same goes for our AI Image Extender. It enables you to speed up our work of creating eye-catching pictures for website design, social media content, blog posts, guest posting, and a lot more.

Our AI Image Extender allows you to shine on various digital platforms by generating high-quality, uncropped images. There are also other added benefits that can be reaped from Phot.AI’s Image Extender. Let’s check out some of them.

Original Image: Better Quality

We get extremely frustrated when we end up permanently deleting an original image. But now you can take a chill pill. Our AI Image Extender can solve this issue within a few blinks of your eyes. Phot.AI’s Image Extender has the great power of artificial intelligence to uncrop an image to make it look better without compromising the original elements. Instead, it adds new enhancements that perfectly blend into the picture to give it an eye-catching look.

It saves both time and resources

The introduction of artificial intelligence was to reduce the amount of time required to finish a task. Phot.AI’s Image Extender is a perfect example of such an AI tool. It can generate uncropped images with just one click. Also, you can use our AI Photo Extender even when you do not have proper editing skills, which means you are saving the cost of hiring a professional editor for your editing requirements.

It works on a wide range of images

Phot.AI’s Image Extender works amazingly on various types of images, including landscapes, portraits, textures, and many more. You can easily uncrop any picture using our image-expanding feature. Now, get your images extended in new and unique ways with our latest image uncropping tool.


Visual presentation has evolved to be a very important part of digital marketing. Putting great pictures in your digital content has become mandatory to attract more clients and boost sales. This is why a lot of industries are now using AI image editing tools to craft unique images that help them build up a strong audience base.

Phot.AI’s Image Extender enables you to generate uncrop images in the best possible way, be it for your online store, posters, website content, or social media posts. Try out our AI Image Extender to change your image aspect ratio without having to crop it.

Phot.AI is an all-in-one image editing tool featuring a powerful image extender. There are also AI Image Enhancer, Object Replacer, Background Generator, and other features for enhancing photo editing capabilities.