5 Best AI Mockup Generator Tools

Looking for the best AI Mockup Generator? This blog is here to help you out. Here are the top 5 recommendations for smart mockups.

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Generic  Mockup tools (22).webp Creating eye-catching visuals is essential if you want to attract more clients. Nowadays, designers are aware of the value of drafting a mockup when it comes to product development.

A lot of people love to visualize their imaginations. With the introduction of AI technology, it is now possible to do that. Nowadays, most companies develop a mockup for all their products. A mockup enables your clients to get a brief idea of your product before its final release.

Mockups can be of great help. It will give you a hint as to whether the product will perform well in the market or not. However, creating a mockup can be challenging at times. Putting your imagination into reality is not like walking on a piece of paper. This is where an AI Mockup Generator can be your friend in need.

What is an AI Mockup Generator?

An AI Mockup Generator is a very fun tool to explore. It is a tool that enables designers to craft visual representations of any design. A mockup is a replica of the final product that is yet to be created.

A mockup allows you to get an idea of how the final product will look and incorporate the necessary revisions, if any. It generates a realistic viewpoint. Moreover, it also helps you to reduce various design errors so that you can create an outstanding final product.

Let us better understand this with an example.

Imagine that you have created a design that you would like to showcase in front of your clients. But you are not a pro at creating manual mockups, so you have no idea how to do that. In such a situation, a free mockup generator can be your go-to solution.

Importance of AI Mockup Generator

AI Mockup Generators are powerful artificial intelligence (AI) implemented tools that can streamline your design process and provide better outcomes. Be it a t-shirt mockup, a website mockup, or a magazine mockup, AI mockup generators can cover it all easily.

Using an AI Mockup Generator will enable you to make changes in the product design as per the client's requirements, saving both your time and resources. Apart from that, a mockup tool would also help you streamline your team's workflow. It will enable you to have an amazing collaboration with each other.

Top 5 AI Mockup Generators

Now, let us come to the best part of this blog. Here, we will discuss the top 5 AI Mockup Generators that you can use to create your design mockups.

Let's get started!

Canva AI Mockup Generator

website interface Canva.png

Canva needs no introduction! Designers, artists, etc. often use Canva to fulfill their creative requirements. Now, Canva also has an AI Mockup Generator feature that enables you to generate great mockup designs for your products. There are around 5000 AI mockup templates available in Canva, such as print media, clothing, iPhone, etc. You can choose a mockup template as per your requirements.

Canva's AI Mockup Generator has the ability to create mockups within a few seconds. Moreover, it comes with a customization feature that allows you to create mockups using your pictures, colors, etc. It also provides you with a variety of formats.

Fotor AI Mockup Generator

website interface fotor (1).png

Fotor brings you an AI Mockup Generator that can generate high-quality mockups of all types depending on your needs. Now, you can easily transform your fantastic ideas into a simulation of scenes just by using text prompts.

Fotor's AI Mockup Generator provides you with a satisfying experience when it comes to clothing mockup, mockup for poster, mockup business cards, and many more. It saves you from spending a lot of time creating product mockups. And, do you know what? All these happen with just a single text prompt. Describe the mockup you want and see your creative ideas coming to life.

Phot.AI Mockup Generator

website interface Phot Ai.webp

Next, we have Phot.AI in the list. Phot.AI is currently trending in 1st position at Product Hunt. We bet you will fall in love with Phot.AI's unique AI Mockup Generator.

You can take your creative game to the next level with Phot.AI's unique AI Mockup Generator. Starting from captivating poster mockup to website mockup, this AI mockup Generator can do it all for you right when you need it. Just type a few words in the provided text prompt box and see the magic unfolding with AI. Phot.AI enables you to generate realistic mockups just in a few minutes. Also, you can download all the mockups in high quality.

Mockuuups Studio

website interface vance (1).png

This is an AI Mockup Generator perfect for creating diverse application or website mockups. It is considered to be one of the best tools for designers who are creating marketing materials.

Mockuuups Studio provides an expanding collection of mockup styles for different design projects. It also comes with a user-friendly interface that enables you to create mockups with ease. And the best part? You do not need to have any design skills to generate mockups in Mockuuups Studio. But it comes with limited integration.

Adobe XD

website interface Photoshop (1).png

Adobe is another very popular name that comes to mind when we think about designing creatives. It can be a great choice for website mockup, iPhone mockup, etc.

Adobe XD enables you to craft and refine websites, magazines, etc. in the best possible way. It enables you to add visual elements precisely while generating mockups to present in front of your clients. It includes Adobe's Creative Cloud Suite and you need to be a member to access this mockup tool. Moreover, you can also enjoy a lot of collaborative features while using this AI Mockup Generator.


All these mockup tools that we have shared provide some amazing features. However, the selection of an AI Mockup Generator depends upon what are your requirements. Always make sure to choose a mockup tool that make your workflow easier. In this blog, we have shared the details of the top 5 AI Mockup Generators that can create excellent mockups for you to showcase a project or an idea in front of your target audience in a better way. You can choose the one that perfectly matches your preferences.

Phot.AI is an all-in-one image editing tool featuring a powerful Mockup Generator. There are also AI Image Enhancer, Object Replacer, AI Image Extender, Background Generator, and other features for enhancing photo editing capabilities.