11 Best Background Removers of 2024

Dive into the world of top 11 AI Background Removers in 2024 and learn to use AI Background Removers like a pro.

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This is the era of digital content, and the ability to remove backgrounds from photos seamlessly and effortlessly has become a game-changer. All thanks to advancements in AI technology, we now have a lot of AI Background Remover tools available on the market to choose from. Whether you are a graphic designer, marketer, or simply someone looking to enhance your social media posts, these tools can make your life a whole lot easier.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at the 11 best AI Background Removers in 2024, both free and paid, to help you make an informed choice for creating amazing pictures or enhancing your images.

What is an AI Background Remover?

First of all, you must know what an AI Background Remover is. It is a photo editing tool that comes with highly advanced AI algorithms that can easily remove the messy backgrounds in a picture.

We often face situations where we get a really good picture but cannot upload it due to a messy background. AI Background Remover is a tool that solves this problem for you instantly. It enables you to remove messier backgrounds and replace them with new ones to enhance the overall look of your picture.

11 Best AI Background Removers in 2024

Now, let us take a look into the best AI Background Removers that can be beneficial for artists, designers, and creative lovers in 2024.

Adobe Express

Website interface Adobe express.webp Adobe Express is part of the renowned Adobe Creative Cloud suite. It comes in both free and paid versions. Adobe Express is a powerful AI background remover that is highly accurate and generates efficient outcomes. Whether you are working on professional graphic design projects or simply enhancing your photos, Adobe Express can help you effortlessly remove backgrounds and enhance the images to give them a better look.

This AI Background Remover tool comes with advanced algorithms that ensure subjects are precisely extracted from their backgrounds, resulting in clean and sharp cutouts. This makes it easy to replace backgrounds, create transparent images, or add new elements to your compositions.

Hold on! There’s more to it. Adobe Express seamlessly integrates with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps, allowing for a smooth workflow across various design tasks. While it comes with a price tag as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, the quality and versatility it offers are well worth the investment for serious graphic designers and content creators.


Website interface Canva.webp We all know that Canva is a popular graphic design platform known for its user-friendly interface and accessibility. While Canva offers free access, Canva Pro subscribers have access to a powerful AI background remover tool.

The AI Background Remover of Canva allows users to remove backgrounds from images with ease, making it a valuable addition for those looking to enhance their design projects.

Canva Pro already offers a wide range of templates and design elements. The AI Background Remover makes it even more versatile for creating stunning visuals. Canva is an excellent choice for individuals and small businesses looking for a cost-effective yet powerful design solution that includes an AI background remover.


Website interface Phot.AI (1).webp Phot.AI is an online AI Background Remover that caters to a wide range of users starting from beginners to professionals. Phot.AI’s latest AI Background Remover offers both free and paid plans, making it accessible to users with different needs and budgets.

This AI Background Remover comes with a straightforward interface, making it easy to upload images and remove backgrounds quickly. It produces high-quality results, ensuring that subjects are accurately separated from their backgrounds. This precision makes it the best choice when working on projects that demand attention to detail.

If we talk about Phot.AI's free plan, it is suitable for basic background removal tasks, while the paid plan offers additional features and benefits for those requiring more advanced capabilities and higher output resolution.


Website interface fotor (1).webp Fotor is an all-in-one photo editing platform that offers an AI background remover as part of its pro version. This AI Background Remover is a perfect choice for individuals and businesses looking to create captivating visuals with precise background removal.

The paid version of Fotor brings a great collection of advanced editing features, including background removal, that allow users to achieve professional-looking results. Fotor’s AI Background Remover ensures that subjects are precisely removed from their backgrounds, making it a valuable addition to your photo editing toolkit.

Fotor's AI Background Remover comes with a user-friendly interface. Moreover, the availability of both web and mobile apps makes it a convenient choice for a wide range of users.


Website interface Picsart (1).webp PicsArt is an all-in-one image editor known for its versatile photo editing and creative tools. It offers an AI background remover, but this feature is available to PicsArt Gold subscribers only. PicsArt’s AI Background Remover is an excellent choice for those looking for a mobile-based solution for generating excellent outcomes.

The AI background remover in PicsArt is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to quickly and easily remove backgrounds from photos. PicsArt’s unique AI Background Remover can be your best friend for enhancing your social media posts, creating memes, or adding creative elements to your mobile photography. PicsArt Gold unlocks a lot of additional creative features and content, making it an all-in-one solution for instant photo editing and design requirements.


Website interface Removal.ai.webp Removal.AI is an online photo-editing tool that comes with an AI Background Remover. It offers both free and paid plans, ensuring accessibility for different groups of users from beginners to professionals.

Removal.AI is known for its simplicity, allowing users to easily upload images and obtain precise background removal results. The paid version of this background removal tool enhances the image editing experience with additional features and the ability to generate high-quality images.

Whether you need to remove backgrounds for e-commerce product images, marketing materials, or personal projects, Removal.AI simplifies the process with its AI Background Remover tool.

Wondershare Pixcut

Website interface wondershare Pixcut.webp Wondershare Pixcut is an efficient AI background remover with an easy-to-use interface. It is the best choice for users looking for a simple and effective tool to remove messy backgrounds from images.

This tool comes in both free and paid versions. The premium version of this AI Background Remover unlocks a lot of additional customization options. This AI Background Remover enables users to get precise background removal results. It is very effective when working on projects that demand precise background removal and attention to detail.

Pixcut can prove to be an effective solution for users of all levels of experience who need to quickly remove backgrounds from the images.

Pxl Photo Background Remover

Website interface Pxl Photo Background Remover.webp Pxl Photo Background Remover comes with amazing AI capabilities. It is a budget-friendly option for users with basic background removal needs. It does not include extensive features of paid alternatives, but it is a convenient choice for quick and simple background removal tasks.

This AI Background Remover comes with a user-friendly interface and does not require any downloads or installations. Pxl Photo Background Remover is a great option for individuals who occasionally require background removal for personal or basic professional purposes.


Website interface Remove.bg.webp Remove.bg is another AI Background Removal that we have on our list. It is well-known for its simplicity and speed when it comes to background removal. This is a user-friendly tool that allows you to upload images and obtain high-quality background removal instantly.

The paid version of Remove.bg offers a lot of amazing features such as high-resolution downloads and batch processing. Remove.bg is an AI Background Remover perfect for businesses and professionals with more extensive image editing needs.

The tool is available on web and app versions. Remove.bg's AI Background Remover is known for its high efficiency and quality making it a valuable asset in your toolkit.


Website interface Pixelcut.webp Pixelcut.AI is an online AI Background Remover that is perfect for users seeking both free and paid versions. The tool is designed for simplicity and ease of use, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

With Pixelcut.AI, you can quickly and accurately remove backgrounds from images even if you do not have any editing skills. The paid version of Pixelcut.AI provides a lot of features and benefits, such as higher image resolution and priority processing. These features can be valuable for digital marketing campaigns.

Whether you are working on e-commerce product listings or creating eye social media content, Pixelcut.AI offers a very reliable solution.


Website interface cutout.pro (1).webp Cutout.pro is an online tool that focuses on AI background removal. It provides a simple and accessible solution for users looking to remove backgrounds from images.

The tool's user-friendly interface allows for easy uploading of images and quick background removal. While it may not have the extensive features of some paid alternatives, it is suitable for individuals and businesses with basic background removal needs.

Cutout.pro offers both free and paid options, ensuring accessibility for users with different requirements and budgets. It's a straightforward choice for those looking to streamline their background removal tasks.


The availability of these 11 AI background remover tools in 2024 provides users with a wide range of options to choose from, catering to various needs and budgets. We have discussed the features of all these AI Background Removers in a detailed way. Now, it would be easy for you to finalize the one that aligns with your specific requirements, and unleash the power of AI technology to enhance your visual content with amazing backgrounds.

Phot.ai is an all-in-one image editing tool featuring a powerful background remover. There are also AI Image Enhancer, Object Replacer, AI Image Extender, Background Generator, AI Art Generator, and other features for enhancing photo editing capabilities.